Let the storm rage on

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Cersei Lannister + Season 4 

The queen is telling you the leftovers will feed the dogs or you will.”

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[HQ] New Mockingjay: Part 1 Rebel posters via Wired

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"She glanced this way, I thought I saw… And when we touched, she didn’t shudder at my paw. No, it can’t be; I’ll just ignore… But then, she’s never looked at me that way before…"

HP MEME: 1/? colors: red

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favourite celebrity meme:

» Robert Downey Jr1/8 photoshoots

Steven Klein - {2000}

…When I saw him (my father) lying dead in a pool of his own blood, I knew then that I hadn’t stopped believing in God. I’d just stopped believing God cared. There might be a God, Clary, and there might not, but I don’t think it matters. Either way we’re on our own.

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